Personal Data

NameSebastian Bargmann
TitleFreelance Senior Software Developer
AddressHørsholm, Denmark

Professional Experience

2019 - Banking CircleFreelance Senior Software Developer
2015 - yagni.dkOwner
2011 - FIT-OutcomesOwner and CTO
2017 - 2019Coding PiratesVolunteer Instructor
2018 - 2019Danske BankFreelance Senior Software Developer
2016 - 2017Saxo BankFreelance Senior Software Developer
2016 - 2016CalldoradoFreelance Senior Software Developer
2014 - 2015Danske Markets (Danske Bank)Senior Software Developer
2013 - 2014SitecoreSenior Software Developer
2006 - 2012Saxo BankSenior Software Developer
2005 - 2011GoToDeviceOwner and Software Developer
2005 - 2006LectorSoftware Developer
2002 - 2005NetOp / Danware DataSoftware Developer
2000 - 2002PentiaSoftware Developer
1998 - 2000Logos DesignSoftware Developer
1996 - 1998Rambøll InformatikSoftware Developer
1996 - 1996Geoteknisk InstitutSoftware Developer


2017React NativeSelf-study
2014MongoDBMongoDB Inc
2013Sitecore Certified Professional DeveloperSitecore
2012SOLIDRobert C. Martin
2010Windows Operating System InternalsDavid Solomon Expert Seminars
2010Advanced managed/unmanaged Debugging with WinDbgMicrosoft
2008Effective .NETDevelopMentor
2003Certified Cycling InstructorSAFE
1997PowerBuilderEDB Gruppen
1996FoxProIdeal Data
1996SQLRambøll Informatik
1993 - 1995DatamatikerLyngby' Uddannelsescenter
1990 - 1993Matematisk studentVirum Gymnasium
1980 - 1990Kongevejens SkoleVirum

General Skills

Backend developmentExpert
Design patternsVery experienced
Frontend developmentVery experienced
CryptographyVery experienced
High PerformanceExpert
Network programmingVery experienced
Operating Systems InternalsVery experienced
SecurityVery experienced
Software designExpert
Web developmentExpert

Specific Skills

.NET CoreExpert
.NET FrameworkExpert
Active Directory / LDAPExperienced
ADO/OLEDB/ODBCVery experienced
Android SDKExperienced
ATLVery experienced
Azure (cloud computing)Very experienced
BoostVery experienced
COM/ActiveXVery experienced
DockerVery experienced
ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)Very experienced
GitVery experienced
Heroku (cloud computing)Very experienced
iPhone SDKExperienced
LinuxVery experienced
Mac OS XVery experienced
Microsoft IISExperienced
Microsoft SQL ServerVery experienced
Microsoft Windows (all versions)Expert
Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI)Expert
MFCVery experienced
NGINXVery experienced
PostgreSQLVery experienced
PowershellVery experienced
ReactVery experienced
React NativeVery experienced
RubyVery experienced
Ruby on RailsVery experienced
ScriptingVery experienced
SQLVery experienced
STLVery experienced
TCP/UDP/IPVery experienced
TFSVery experienced
Visual StudioExpert
WinsockVery experienced
WindbgVery experienced
x86 assemblerExperienced
XamarinVery experienced

Significant Projects

Employer:Banking Circle
Period:2019/02 -
Description:B2B banking solutions
Technology:Azure, .NET Core, microservices (backend), React (frontend), Azure DevOps (automating)
Employer:Danske Bank
Period:2018/06 - 2019/01
Description:Personal banking (undisclosed project)
Technology:Windows, OSX, C#/.NET Core, Node, React Native, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, microservices
Employer:Saxo Bank
Period:2016/08 - 2017/04, 2017/09 - 2017/12
Description:Developing ultra high performance market connectivity
Technology:Windows, C++, multithreading (actor model)
Employer:Danske Bank
Period:2014/06 - 2015/08
Description:Developing and maintaining Danske Bank's equity platform
Technology:Windows, C++, C#, multithreading, SQL Server, RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, microservices
Period:2013/01 - 2014/05
Description:Developing and maintaining Sitecore CMS system
Technology:Windows, C#, web, SQL server, Lucene
Period:2011/06 - present
Description:FIT-Outcomes is a web-based outcome management system designed to support the use of the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).
Technology:Linux, JavaScript, React, Ruby on Rails, C#, Node, Xamarin, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, Docker
Employer:Saxo Bank
Period:2011/08 - 2012/11
Description:Implementing high speed scalable message bus architecture for nextgen trade and order flow
Technology:Windows, C++, C#, multithreading, UDP, Informatica/29West/UME, Velocimetrics, Wireshark
Employer:Saxo Bank
Period:2010/11 - 2011/08
Description:Porting all major front office components from 32 bit to 64 bit architecture (managed and native code)
Technology:Windows, C++, C#
Employer:Saxo Bank
Period:2009/08 - 2010/11
Description:Developing real-time, scalable price distribution using reliable UDP multicast
Technology:Windows, C++, multithreading, TCP, UDP, Informatica/29West/UMS, Wireshark
Employer:Saxo Bank
Period:2006/05 - 2009/08
Description:STP Interfaces: Developing real-time software controlling flow of prices, trades and orders to and from external brokers/banks
Technology:Windows, C++, C#, JAVA, multithreading, TCP, UDP multicast, FIX/QuickFIX, etc.
Period:2005/07 - 2011/04
Description:GoToDevice: Developing true Cross-platform Remote Device Administration. Remotely control and administer computers running Windows, Linux and OSX
Technology:Windows, Windows CE, Linux, Mac OS X, J2ME, C++, Windows kernel mirror drivers, multithreading, QT, TCP/IP, Android, iPhone, etc.
Employer:Danware Data
Period:2002/09 - 2005/06
Description:Developing and maintaining remote control tools NetOp, NetOp School, NetOp Desktop Firewall
Technology:Windows, Visual C++, Borland C++, SQL-Server, Delphi, ASP, multithreading, IPC, TCP, MSI, etc.